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June 2017 Newsletter article

ASSUME NOTHING!  Dictionary definitions: Assume: to accept something to be true without question or proof Assumption: the action of taking on power or responsibility It is mid-summer’s day here in the UK and the amazing sunny weather we’ve had for the last 10 days has gone for the moment and it’s now quite cold and […]

Fairley Amazing – Health Alert

I have become aware of a toxic phenomena previously unknown to me. It is what I can only call a “toxic soul” version of the Chernobyl Cloud that drifted over Europe and the world from Saturday, 26 April 1986 and reached England some days later. It appears to be a “nebulous cloud of parasitic, hedonistic, […]

“Small but perfectly formed.”

Another wonderful class with a fanastic mix of students, who had a great time bouncing their issues off each other and reaching incredible solutions. Well done everyone! It was such a happy class and I love happy classes because happy students make for easy learning and for a very happy teacher! Thank you too for […]

SuperConnect1 Mondsee, Austria

Mondsee has become one of my favourite places in the world.  That part of Austria is breathtakingly beautiful whatever the weather – and boy oh! boy, we had it all.  I arrived in pouring rain, then we had fog, sleet, snow and sunshine!  I was ecstatic to see everywhere covered in a layer of snow […]

Fairley Amazing – Pet Care

It was with surprise that I discovered in early April that animals can have soul exchange/walk ins. My own cat, Tiger, had not been himself for ages and was constantly needing to be cleared of Extra Souls. Research showed that he had agreed to an experimental Soul Exchange.   The mandate was to act as a […]

SuperConnect2 Taipei & Hong Kong Classes

Every possible preparation went into the organisation of the classes in Taipei and Hong Kong and Alice, Vincent, Kenneth and Fangci had all worked hard to ensure that things would be right for the SuperConnect2 classes. However, even when we are seemingly prepared for all eventualities, life throws in a few curve balls! No-one could […]

SuperConnect1 February Class

  Storm Doris brought rather tempestuous weather on the first day of class and gave us all a rather unexpected opportunity to get some fresh air. When the garden furniture flew across the courtyard we had to rush out to retrieve it and prevent it from causing damage to the garden or even from crashing […]

February 2017 Newsletter article

Happy Valentine’s Day The Feast Day of Saint Valentine was originally a day on which one or more early saints named Valentinus were honoured. It became associated with romantic love in the 14th century and in the 18th century became an occasion on which lovers gave gifts and a card declaring their love, otherwise known […]

January 2017 Newsletter article

Living for Today How many of us constantly revisit something from our past and live our lives as though that thing is still current and happening now? All the time we concentrate our efforts on what has been, our energies are stuck in the past and we have no resources with which to create a […]

Fairley Amazing – Planetary Changes

In early January last year, I intuited that some fundamental changes were going to take place towards the end of 2016. I didn’t know their scope only that they would be fundamental and far reaching because nothing else would suffice to save this planet and her peoples from the escalating maleficence being perpetrated upon them. […]