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Fairley Amazing – Energy Housekeeping

FOOD SUPPLEMENTS This is very simple, quick and useful! Most of us take food supplements in one form or another to support our physical body. These days we often take them in vibrational form as the physical substances seem too dense for the increasingly refined incoming energies of the world in which we live. The […]


It was in Divine Order that there were only two students at the SC1 class. It gave them both good opportunity to delve in depth into the system and their issues and to search every corner of my brain for answers to questions that had been taxing them for a long time! Here is one […]


The existing charts and the handbook were streamlined and reordered for this class which allowed it to flow gently and beautifully. Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time. There was plenty of opportunity for learning how to carry out hands-on adjustments, to practice the virtual/energetic healing techniques and also more than enough time for dowsing on […]

Fairley Amazing – Additional Soul Support

ADDITIONAL SOUL SUPPORT For those of you who missed the issue of the Corruptive Misalignments and Miscellaneous Blocks charts in 2015, they are still valuable and have been re-issued here for additional dowsing support. Corruptive Misalignments chart Miscellaneous Blocks chart In love and light Susan Fairley 31 January 2018

Fairley Amazing – Soul Support

SOUL SUPPORT – ENERGY HOUSEKEEPING Spirit suggests that approximately 50% of dowsers (those who are Lightworkers) are fully engaged in out-of-body spiritual work at present and will be for some week to come. Those of you who are sensitive to your activities will know that this has been going on since late autumn. The events […]

Fairley Amazing – Ancient Detox

The Ancient Detox Checklist and the December energy housekeeping blog on acidity are different aspects of the same thing and need to be used together, as well as simultaneously checking that your auric field’s protection is 100% and that there are no energy cysts of any kind needing clearing. Around every 2 to 3 days, […]