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SuperConnect5 – November Class

A great close to SuperConnection’s teaching year, SuperConnect5 was a joy from beginning to end, with some huge breakthroughs and transformations being achieved along the way. SC5 contains an eclectic mix of charts as well as practical hands-on work, which in combination make for interesting and fun-based learning. As interest was piqued, my bookshelves were […]

Ascension Pathway – October Masterclass

Susan gave us another fascinating day working with the updates for her Ascension Pathway, including new tools to help us keep our physical bodies flexible! As you can see from the way I have my shirt done up on the wrong buttons, the work left us (or me!) slightly disorientated. More joy was to follow: […]

SuperConnect4 – September Class

The first UK SuperConnect 4 (Beyond Limits Energy Healing for Cats & Dogs) proved to be a great success with the students. Over the weekend many reported a positive change in their animal’s behaviour. As always everyone learned a great deal and had terrific fun!  

SuperConnect3 – August Class

A summer fun-filled class, learning the special techniques that fall within SuperConnect3: how to work energetically with the meridians and alternative ways of dealing with many aspects of healing that can be applied to the body.


Every time we make a new choice we are opening a new doorway to the existence of infinite possibilities. It’s easy to forget our achievements, labelling them as too small, inconsequential or useless – but they were a vital part of our journey towards growth and understanding. Take a peek back and remember all the […]

Ancestry – Double Cousins

Ann spent a long time working on her ancestral patterns. Wondering why, she did a bit of research of her own and discovered some very interesting information about double cousins. Download

Prayer for the Earth

I wrote this many years ago and it is as valid today as it was then. Gaia and all her inhabitants need as much love as we can muster. Use this prayer every day and help lift the burden of humanity’s fear and destruction from Mother Earth and all who live here. Download