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Rules for Life

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it worth sharing. Make peace with your past – so it won’t disturb your present. What other people think of you … is none of your business! Time heals almost everything, so give it time. No-one is in charge of your happiness, except you. Don’t compare your life […]

Fairley Amazing – Dowsing Housekeeping

You’ll  be aware that our physical bodies are still rather in a state of flux! I’ve just taken mine to the homoeopath for some tweaking and it caused me to review not only some food supplements but the fundamental frequencies of everything. Is everything too dense now – even the homoeopathic ones? Is there some […]

Fairley Amazing – Divine Blueprint

Some of you may know Susan Fairley from SuperConnect classes, or even before at Spiritual Response Therapy Classes/Meetings!  She is a long-term dowser and professional health practitioner, having spent most of her life as a talented osteopath, running her business out of Deal in Kent, UK. Susan has an incredible link to the spiritual realms […]

Chart Changes and Additions SC1 and SC2

During the course of this year both SuperConnect1 and SuperConnect2 have undergone some changes, ensuring that both modules are now in better order. Some charts from SC1 have been moved to SC2 and vice versa. SC1 now concentrates on the spiritual nature of mankind and how human energy fields interact/are One with the energy of […]

The Lord’s Prayer

Unlike the traditional version, this translation of the Lord’s Prayer really resonates with me and feels more in alignment with my understanding SPIRIT/Universe/All That Is. I hope you will find it inspiring.   The Lord’s Prayer Translated by Mark Hathaway directly from Aramaic into English (rather than the traditional translation method of Aramaic into Greek, […]

August 2016 Newsletter article

“The Importance of Dreaming” There’s no universal agreement about why we dream, other than it happens during the Rapid Eye Movement phase of our sleep. We all dream yet some of us have vivid recollections and others seemingly remember nothing. Perhaps for some dreaming is about reconciling the issues of the day, for some bringing […]

SuperConnect 1 – Relaxed and easy learning

The first SuperConnect1 class to be taught in Ireland was a great success, all participants enjoying the relaxed and informal learning process. For me, it was a new experience teaching in Abbeyleix which is about an hour away from Dublin. Good news! The hotel is hoping to upgrade their conference centre and projection equipment this […]


The SuperConnect2 class coincided with the Wimbledon Final, the UEFA Cup, the British Grand Prix and the annual County Show! However, despite this, a small, select and delightful group participated in the SuperConnect2 class. The energy of the class certainly matched that of all the sports being played over the weekend and as everyone had […]

Summer Solstice 2016

According to James Tyberonn, one of the world’s experts on Earth energies, this Summer Solstice, or energy gate, is a once in an epoch event and will stream extraordinary cosmic energies up until the new moon on July 4th. It is forecast that the Great Central Sun will flood our planet with Adamantine Essence, particles […]

SuperConnect2 – Mondsee, Austria

The SuperConnect2 Mondsee class began quietly and gently and the energy and excitement grew with every passing hour. It was a wonderful group, with participants from Austria, Germany, Italy and Abu Dhabi! Thanks to Christiane who translated the class from English into German – not only with accuracy but also conveying my explanations and stories […]