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Every time we make a new choice we are opening a new doorway to the existence of infinite possibilities. It’s easy to forget our achievements, labelling them as too small, inconsequential or useless – but they were a vital part of our journey towards growth and understanding. Take a peek back and remember all the […]

Ancestry – Double Cousins

Ann spent a long time working on her ancestral patterns. Wondering why, she did a bit of research of her own and discovered some very interesting information about double cousins. Download

Prayer for the Earth

I wrote this many years ago and it is as valid today as it was then. Gaia and all her inhabitants need as much love as we can muster. Use this prayer every day and help lift the burden of humanity’s fear and destruction from Mother Earth and all who live here. Download

Consciousness of Cats & Dogs

In this amazing article James Tyberonn channels Archangel Metatron and discusses the “The True Conscious Nature & Myriad Benefits of Cats & Dogs”. Visit James Tyberonn’s website Earth-Keeper for other fascinating information. Download article here.   (Note: the highlighted passages were part of the original article.)

Five Elements of Heartselling

Fascinating article written by Sharla Jacobs for the Energy Magazine, discussing how undertanding and using TCM Five Element theory may help attract clients. Visit the Energy Magazine’s website for other issues which are all free to download. Download “Five Elements of Heartselling” article.  

SuperConnect2 March Class

Another gorgeous group of students! As always we learned much from each other, had some great aha! moments and found much joy in working with the system. Love and blessings to all for your open hearts and willingness to learn. It was a real pleasure to teach you.


Another successful class from Susan, even though our brains were somewhat taxed and had turned to jelly by the end of day two! Nevertheless, we learned a lot about Ascension and how, by doing the necessary work, we can get through the process as effortlessly as possible. A good time was had by all!

Miracles …

Your thoughts create your reality. Your mind is more powerful than you know. Are you worried about something right now? Are you feeling unsure about something these days? God invites you to change your thinking. Miracles seldom occur in the lives of those who   do not consider them possible.  There could be a miracle […]

Quantum Nature of Life

James Tyberonn channels Archangel Metatron and this thought-provoking article discusses the whole nature of our Soul, which we know to be one of non-polalrity and non-gender. However, it seems we were originally created androgynous and “each embodiment was capable of birthing”! Our male and female aspects and each represent “various desires, attributes and diverse abilities” […]