Cancer: an interesting journey!

Cancer: an interesting journey!

The mother of one of my students was diagnosed with cancer. She gave me permission to publish her uplifting story and is happy to offer further information if you or a loved-one needs help. Either leave a comment or email me direct  and I will pass on your details.
“It’s proving to be a very interesting (and in some ways, exhausting) journey! My mother hasn’t had an operation nor any chemotherapy or radiation therapy. She’s taking an alternative approach and the discomfort from the original nagging symptoms literally went within 2 weeks of us changing our diet to a predominantly plant-based, little-to-no sugar, organic, often raw diet. The diet was OK to start with but after a while she seemed to be getting quite weak so following further research and seeking additional advice, we changed the diet to include fruit in moderation, bone broth shots 3 times a day, a little organic meat or fish most days with plenty of fresh, organic vegetables.  We counteracted any sugar by using high strength curcumin, and sometimes ginger or cinnamon – the sugar in the food/fruit carries the active ingredients from the ginger etc into the cancer cells.
Alongside the diet, we’re using a technology from Russia called Cosmodic ENS. It’s not well known in the UK but the lady who treats my mother twice a week has had some amazing results with terminal patients restored to full health, cancer-free years later.
We also use a USA product called ImmuCyst, Hydrogen therapy, Ozone therapy, C60, CBD oil, black seed oil, black Hawaiian salt, the homeopathic version of Mistletoe (viscum album) along with other homeopathic drops prescribed by a homotoxicologist together with various, limited vitamins and minerals including vitamin D.
We have been blessed to find a doctor (he’s had to leave the hospitals after clashing with the GMC) and he is giving my mother Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy twice a week and Autohemotherapy once a week. She had intravenous Vitamin C therapy with him for a couple of months but after we started to run out of veins to use we followed this up with Liposomal C taken orally, until we realised that the Hydrogen therapy with C60 was more effective and no side effects.
She had acupuncture for a couple of months. It was effective but we’ve been advised to stop it whilst she’s having Cosmodic ENS as acupuncture and Cosmodic both work on/via the meridians. She also used Essiac tea but we’ve taken a break from it (amazing stuff – in many cases, it can remove the cancer on its own).
We use the services of a nutritionalist who uses a biofeedback device (Asyra/Qest).
We no longer shower or bathe in ordinary water (we use a Vitamin C shower head). We take nano iron, nano silver and gold and platinum.
We’ve got a machine for making distilled water and for a while we used a device from Switzerland/Germany Callie a PowerTube: it’s a brilliant device, clearing shed-loads of toxins and removing pain but we were advised to stop using it for now in case it interferes with the Cosmodic device.
We also use meditation, Qigong, crystal healing and Reiki.
The tumour is now smaller and softer (and now makes loud gurgling noises, especially if we speak to it or when my mother’s taking drinks/food/medication from her protocol!) Our intention is to keep going with the protocols until it goes altogether.
If you know of anyone who needs support using alternative methods for dealing with cancer, I’d be very happy to share our experiences and information with them; it can be such a lonely and scary journey.”




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    Please may you help me re using cosmodic device treatment for my brother who has stage 4 liver cancer. I am sure it will help.
    Please may you give me the name of the scenar practitioner ( if she is agreeable) or give my email to her please, so I can treat him. I have just bought the cosmodic but have used scenar successfully for a long time. Thank you for your kindness

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