Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind

Spring is coming to the UK but this morning there are gale-force winds howling and gusting. Overnight the garden furniture has been thrown all over the place by the strength of the wind. By contrast, he daffodils are still in exactly the same place – resolutely just blowing in the wind, their stems allowing them to flex and remain unbroken.

We can learn a lot from nature.

If we are rigid and unbending in our outlook and beliefs, then we may be easily damaged. In fact, if contradicted or challenged, we might well snap!

If we are willing to bend a little, accept compromise in our lives and be open to change, then our life – like the daffodils – may bend a little but ultimately will spring back anew.




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    Thank you Linda for reminding me, as I weather a personal storm that has lasted quite a few months.
    Trying to hold on tight (rigid), served no purpose, so rather than snap, I let go of everything that I had strived for, over many years. Although feeling very emotional and vulnerable, my stem (core) has remain unbroken. I am ready and open to change.
    As the daffodil holds a special meaning to me regarding vibration (rhythm), I now know it’s time to spring back along with nature.
    You have certainly Inspired me today to look out into the sunshine to receive its warmth even for a moment.

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