August 2016 Newsletter article

August 2016 Newsletter article

“The Importance of Dreaming”

There’s no universal agreement about why we dream, other than it happens during the Rapid Eye Movement phase of our sleep. We all dream yet some of us have vivid recollections and others seemingly remember nothing. Perhaps for some dreaming is about reconciling the issues of the day, for some bringing in new ideas from their superconscious mind or Universal consciousness and for others an opportunity to be somebody or do something they can’t in their wakeful existence!

Many of us daydream – something which always used to attract reproach from teachers or parents. Yet daydreaming about the things that we would like to achieve is a vital component in manifestation. When we create a virtual reality in our minds and work towards the advancement of our stated goal by taking all necessary action, we can achieve great things.

Walt Disney is quoted as saying, “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” The way to manifestation begins with a dream. Build on it by voicing it to others and act as if it is already your reality. Then with focused, heartfelt intention hold it firmly in mind and allow the Universe to bring it to you in the right and perfect way.

Remember though, that “needs and wants” are not the same as dreams! The more you release your expectations and learn to create something for the benefit of others as well as yourself, the sooner your dream will be realised.

What do you dream of doing? What’s stopping you? Dream big NOW!










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