To inspire and empower others to create change through self-empowerment.


Connection to the world, from all corners. Inviting everyone to become ONE, irrespective of race, beliefs and gender.


The power of Love transcends all; offering us hope and peace within ourselves and for the whole human race.

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Anyone can learn how to use SuperConnection.

SuperConnection requires no religious/spiritual beliefs or background.

SuperConnection works through loving intention, so using it can only bring good.

SuperConnection is simple; it’s fun and it’s effective!

The aim of SuperConnection is self-empowerment by providing you with a deep understanding of the true nature of your Being and to show you how you can use your innate connection to the Universe/SPIRIT to facilitate change. If you are searching for the real meaning of your life, or want to know why you are here or what you can do to improve things for yourself and others, then SuperConnection is for you.

Each individual’s energy impacts on everyone and everything around us. If we want change, we have to become aware of what’s preventing us from achieving it and we then need to take whatever action is necessary to facilitate change. All SuperConnection self-empowerment modules provide you with structured learning so that you can easily link into your eternal aspect of self, find the areas that need attention and create that change.

We have been taught that we are limited: by our upbringing and culture, because we don’t have enough money, didn’t go to the right schools or know the right people, or just because of who we are – too fat, too thin, too small, female, male – the list of our perceived limitations is endless. Achieving the life of your dreams is not dependent upon outside factors; you already have everything within you to create it. SuperConnection will help reprogramme your old thinking, change your perspective and change your life.

Awareness is the real key to transformation, so finding, understanding and transmuting the energy that is blocking or hindering you will bring you quickly and painlessly towards a happier and more fulfilled life. You will soon be able to embrace a future in which you are fully empowered to express yourself, make good choices and reach your highest potential.

Each SuperConnection module has been written in straightforward, every-day language, so there is no difficult terminology to learn nor esoteric terms or concepts to grapple with. The handbooks are fully comprehensive and are supported by specially designed softly-coloured circular charts on which you will dowse to find solutions and guidance.

The self-empowerment modules within SuperConnection combine the skills, knowledge, and experience of Linda Turner (UK) and Alice Foehn (Hong Kong) both of whom have a proven track record of teaching and empowering others.


  • Fun and enjoyable!
  • Easily understandable and usable
  • Action based and current
  • Solutions driven and focused
  • One class; one fee
  • New career path immediately with just one class
  • No re-certification criteria
  • Easy and inexpensive renewal of status

Some Other Modalities

  • Hard work, dull and tedious
  • Technical or complicated terminology
  • Theory based and old
  • Problem focused with detailed analysis
  • Many modules mandatory; big investment of time, energy and money
  • Many years of hard work
  • Additional classes or continuing professional development required
  • Demanding rules and regulations