Gratitude / Divine Love

Gratitude / Divine Love

I feel privileged indeed to receive such a beautiful comment.  Reading it filled me with joy and gratitude.  Gratitude to Sandra for her kind words and gratitude to the Universe for allowing this loving energy we have called SuperConnection to flow through me and Alice so it can be shared across the world.

“It’s been good to catch up a little bit and to congratulate you on the work you have done and are doing for us all to take out to the world; it takes a very special person to show the way forward. Well done!!
As I was saying earlier I feel and see what you are creating is such a beautiful, fine, expansive, pure energy that comes from the heart of creation itself and pores out through and from you. I can only describe it like stepping into a pool of pure, warm water – bathing in divine love has a feeling that is, safe, relaxing, easy and natural. Everyone wants more! “

Gratitude is such an important energy. Thanking the Universe in advance of it happening and letting go of the outcome shows trust and allows the Universe to do what it does naturally – fulfil your every desire!

Remember to express gratitude to everyone who does something for you, however small: your husband for taking out the rubbish, your wife for making you a cup of tea, the checkout staff for serving you (even if they aren’t smiling when they are doing it!), the postman, the bin men, the attendant in the public loo! A smile and a thank you go a very long way and will have a knock on effect.  You might be remembered as “that kind person who always took the trouble to smile and say thank you” when no-one else could be bothered and in so doing made a big difference to someone’s day or even perhaps their life.

Question to ponder: how do you feel if you do something for someone and there is no acknowledgement ….? Yes, of course, we ought not to expect a thank you for our acts of kindness, but how lovely we feel when those words are forthcoming.



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